A Day in the Life of the Connected Woman

I'm the first to rebut technology for technology sake. But tools that can enhance your life, allowing you to spend more time with people and things you love -- I'm the first on board for that! Here's a sampling of ways tech can make things safer, engaging, and streamlined for you in the course of your day. 

6:00AM:  Wake up time! Ease into the morning with your pre-set color-adjusting bulbs.  Glance down at your smartwatch to view important notifications and see what's on your schedule for the day.

7:00AM:  Walk into your kitchen and greet Alexa (through the Amazon Echo speaker), and prompt her to provide you with the weather report for the day and what’s on your to do list. While prepping breakfast for the tykes, have Alexa tune into your favorite Pandora channel for background noise.

8:00AM:  Time to get in the car and drive the kids to the bus stop and drive to work.  You can thank your thermostat for remembering to turn down the heat down while your away from your house! 

8:30AM:  Now in the car, sync your phone with either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for seamless interaction with maps, your messages, entertainment and more.  It’s great when your nav has built-in intelligence to know what the fastest route will be based upon current traffic patterns and historical behavior on those roads.

1:00 PM: You get a notification from your Notion sensor that the smoke alarm has gone off. Easily check in with the baby sitter to learn that it was a false alarm -- she simply burned the toast in the toaster! The single device is packed with lots of additional sensors - so you can know if there is a leak, the temperature of a room (or wine cooler!), and whether doors had been opened or closed suspiciously. 

3:00 PM: Nervous leaving your infant at home with the baby sitter? Check in on her status using the D-Link Baby Monitor, which has a built in mic so you can sing a lullaby if your tot happens to wake up during nap time. 

4:00PM:  Unsure if your kids arrived home from school safely?  Use the grown up version of the baby monitor, aka the DropCam Pro, which has motion alerts to let you know when someone has opened the door to your house.  With a two way speaker, you can even talk to them and let them know when you are coming home.

6:00 PM: If you have a smart thermostat like the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart, you can set a schedule for walking into your home with the optimal temperature.  If you have the Nest Thermostat, just remember to set it every day and it will learn from your habits, so eventually you won’t have to set it anymore.

10:00PM:  Glance down at your smart watch to see approximate calories burned, weather for the next day, schedule for the coming day, and more. Some will automatically detect when you're sleeping and track your different sleep stages to help give you a better picture of your habits. 

11:00PM:  Prep for bedtime by closing your Pella motorized blinds and shades.